Posted by: ronclegg | April 21, 2012

JOHN REISCHMAN with his Gibson Lloyd Loar Mandolin

John with the Loar about 1985   ( © 2007  Ron Clegg)
This is about the greatest sounding mandolin ever.. and played by one of the greatest mandolinists. I met John at Steve Palazzo’s house for a concert and got to hear it from about 5 feet away and even picked a few notes on it… thrilling! Recently I was lucky enough to get a one on one lesson from Matt Flinner and he let me play his Gilchrist mandolin. It is so much like John Reischman’s F-5 in tone, playability, and appearance… they both have a depth and beauty that is hard to describe. ! What a sonic treat to experience these instruments…

©2007 ron clegg

Here is Tony Rice with his Pre War Martin D-28 from the same concert.



  1. This is an awesome blog! I’m going to see if I can figure out how to subscribe to you.

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