Posted by: ronclegg | October 25, 2009

Poet- Ian Mills

Ian Mills, an Australian… of the Gebser congregation…

I saw woman walking in Ethiopian desert
grieving inside her body
and she was walking enfolded in black
along the cobbled pavement of a city
in Eastern Europe
and she was walking in silence between us all

and there were men hurrying brief cases home
and men lounging in bars
pretending interest in conversations – there
here she has a way of looking through me
to what exists elsewhere
at another time – in another silence

she walks the archetypal streets of our memory
striding everywhere among us
(we who are constantly forgetting she is one of us)
not avoiding the intangible pain she knows
is inescapable
and which we have no intention of not causing

I think we already take it for granted
that she will bear the pain for us instead of us
I needed to talk to you about her – because she is
the mountain walking across the lake of my heart
and hers is the silence you sense but do not see
dwelling in the openness inside me

Thanks to John Dotson…..


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