Posted by: ronclegg | January 5, 2008

The Big One…! or so they say

jan5-storm-email-1.jpgWell, this is Saturday morning, Jan.5, 2008. For once the weather guys got it right. 60 knot winds along the central coast, check!; 30 ft waves, check!…. this morning the monterey weather buoy reported swells at 32.5 feet with a period of 16 seconds…impressive!; there are huge waves rolling in as I write. So, here are a couple photos I took about an hour ago showing impressive white water, waves, etc. The rollers coming in are brushin the planks on the capitola pier…



  1. apparently the lowest depression in recent memory, lower millibars than Hurricane Katrina and lower millibars than the Perfect Storm. However, I was not impressed. The winds were only 48.8 knots at 50 feet above sea level in Moss Landing Harbor. That’s 55 mph.

    A few busted tree limbs, and a torn tarp. The best part is I got a half a day off because the power was off at work.

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